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I just found out from my aunt today, that, my great grandfather,… - L'italiano vero [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 2nd, 2005|09:16 pm]
A Community for True Italians


I just found out from my aunt today, that, my great grandfather, Ettore Braucoti, was in the Mafia. Apparently he was a big time drug dealer, and all that stuff. My great grandmother was married to Mr. Dringenberg (A German immigrant), where my family gets its last name from, and Ettore wanted her so badly, and later on, Mr. Dringenberg just suddenly disappeared. My grandfather has been in New York this whole past month, and met up with my great uncle Sammy, and my grandfather asked if he had a picture of him, so he could see what he looks like. Sammy said "Go ask the FBI, I'm sure they have a picture of him on file...". The fucking FBI has files on this guy. And apparently he was pretty abusive towards my great grandmother, a pretty bad guy. I also found out my grandfather found out that his mom wasn't even his real mom whenever he was 30. My grandpa spent most of his child and teen years in Boarding School also.

All this time I've always wondered and kind suspected my family was in the Mafia, came out to be true. So this is where all those "wanting to hurt people" feelings come from. ;)

So, if anyone wants to help me out find out more about him, search him up with me. Ettore Braucoti was the name.

So, yeah.